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Idris Zelophe

Keywords: shady leader
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 38
Height: 6'11"
Race: drake, wolf
Position: leader
Faction: dark
Idris has been brutally ambitious for as long as anyone has known him. And while his ascent through the ranks of the Shadowed Army has been controverial, no one can deny that he gets results. As effective as he was being one soldier, his ability to lead is greater still. After decades of stagnation, the Domain of Darkness at an uneasy ceasefire with the Kingdom of Light, it is Idris's scouting force who first sense the ripples of something greater. The Dragons are ready to make a Choice.

Idris does everything in his power to see that the Choice of the Light is proven wrong. His forces are relentless against man and monster both, unflinching in the face of the blinding Light.

And yet, the Light's Chosen slips through his fingers, again and again and again. With each failure, his determination only grows stronger, his focus more narrow. He will be the one to end this.

Idris's Thoughts