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6Coming Soon... | Knife's Blog
Coming Soon...
I have once again neglected to update my site for a long while. That's not to say I haven't been doing OC stuff though. I have three new illustrations for my Unreality Agents verse, which can now only be viewed through the all-content gallery. If you're wondering why, it's actually because I have very exciting news:

The Unreality Agents webcomic is in progress, and should be available to read next month!

In order to make sure that information about the characters and plotpoints reaches readers only after it is revealed in canon, I have blocked off the wiki for that setting and marked more of the illustrations and short stories from it as spoilers. Going forward, information associated with Unreality Agents will be hosted on its separate site. I hope you're looking forward to reading it!

New Characters

While I haven't added them to the site yet, I've developed and fleshed out a lot more of the characters for Aether and Hallowed Crossing. Those of you following me on Twitter may have already seen the art. Those stories are coming along as well. That being said, all of my other projects are on semi-hiatus so I can focus on Unreality Agents.

I also did a lot of story-telling and worldbuilding and even art for a pet game recently. I'm not sure if that will ever go up on this site, but you can find my account here.


While I'm very happy with the initial response to the Queer Art Ring, it is still open to new members! Feel free to send me an email if you're interested in joining. I'll be going through the current members this week to make sure the widget is installed properly on all connected websites.

If you want to hang out, you can find me on twitter, and even find my discord server through there. I'd link it here but I think I've been having spam sign-ups again, so I want to be careful with links.

Stay fabulous.

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