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Horizons | Knife's Blog
It's been a long time since I posted an update here! I'll be honest, I got hit by some weird depressive hyperfixations and played way too many video games for a few months there. That's not to say I have nothing to show for the last few months though. There's a new illustration of Chen in the Unreality Agents gallery, and I finished the Moonfall short story I was mentioning before. It's definitely one of my darker pieces. Here's a snippet:

When Rykelle's turn comes, the Emperor comes up behind him, wrapping one arm around Rykelle's, his large hand gently gripping the sword Rykelle holds.

"Bring your elbows in," he says, and Rykelle can feel his voice as much as hear it, he's so close. He does as he's told.

I've also been slowly starting to work on some much larger projects. I can't say much about them yet, but I'm very excited to get to share them with you.


In bigger news, I've finally launched V3.0 of this website! Can you see the differences? If you've been visiting me on desktop, it might not be a huge difference. But I've dramatically improved the mobile experience around here, and it should be more accessible for people who navigate by keyboard or use screenreaders as well. Of course, it's still a work in progress, as ever. If you notice anything amiss, let me know.

Queer Community

Last but not least, I've put together a webring! For those of you who weren't very online 15-20 years ago, I'll explain what that is. A webring is a group of independent sites that link to each other in a big circle. It means that if someone visits my site and likes it, they might check out the next site in the ring, and so on. As much as I like the freedom I have here from the conventions of social media, it has never been my intention to become an island. All of this matters because I'm able to share it. So the Queer Art Ring is a way to promote community while staying clear of the evil clutches of Big Tech companies.

If you have a website and you'd like to join the Queer Art Ring, send me an email! I'm very excited by the response I've gotten from it so far, and I can only see it growing from here.