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6Unreality Agents | Knife's Blog
Unreality Agents
Oh man, it finally happened! My comic is live! Sasha has been unleashed upon the world, unprepared for the woes that will befall them. I'm so damn excited about this. Please read it. I'd love to hear your thoughts and encouragement.

But that's not all that's new, actually. Did you notice? The site has been hugely updated again! There's a store now! This is the fourth incarnation of my site, and uploading all the changes is still just as scary as ever. I tried to work out the obvious issues before making the announcement, but if you see anything amiss please let me know.

An speaking of letting me know various things: you can comment in way more places now, way more easily! Tell me what you thought of specific illustrations or stories, chat on my blog, comment on comic updates. I will read every single one of them and I will love you. For security's sake, comments are subject to approval before being displayed, so don't worry if you can't see what you've posted right away.

There's new illustrations and stories available, as well. I've done five illustrations, I think, since I last updated this blog. But depending on your account settings, you might not be able to see all of them. Two are for paid subscribers only. They're really hot, so if you want to drop me $3/month, I promise I'll make it worth your while.

There's also a new story, available to everyone. Melting Red is about two outcast vampires, Iman and Caleb, crashing a Halloween party and ending up in more trouble than they bargained for... I got it done at the end of the night on Halloween, but if you're still in the mood for vampire stories (and who isn't), give it a read!

The last thing I wanted to mention: I've been pestering people about the webring. And then I totally forgot to make sure the widget is on my own page. I'm very sorry, I'll get it fixed soon. The webring index is still available through my about page. It's still open to applications, by the way. Shoot me an email if you're interested!

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