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Knife Queer Blog
Knife Queer Blog
Colors and Motion

Date Created: Dec 4th, 2022
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The November blues were very off-and-on for me this year, but overall it was a better November than I've probably ever had before. I feel like I slowed down on art more than I had wanted to, but looking at my gallery, I'm not sure if that's true! That being said, about half of what I've drawn this month isn't live right now. Some of it is for a different project, which I only have a placeholder page for right now. I also did a quick animation/game test! Press space to give Sasha cummies on this secret page. I was thinking about doing more horny gamedev stuff, but honestly other projects have taken priority.


Hands down the most exciting thing going on creatively for me right now is zines! Have you heard that sign-ups are open for my third collaborative dead dove zine? This issue focuses on gore and boy do we have some exciting ideas for it already. I'm planning to print it during March.

The other really exciting zine news is that the double-sided color printing paper I bought a few months ago is shockingly good! I printed a test zine of some early-timeline Unreality Agents stuff and it turned out so good that I'm planning to put it up in my itch shop. So that lit a fire in me, and now I'm working on a more polished zine full of Pokephilia AU Sasha stuff. A lot of the art for that can be found in my gallery already, but it will be polished futher for the zine. And besides, don't you want a horny artbook about Sasha? That will be up in my itch shop soon as well, and it'll also be available via my server Valentine's zine exchange.

That's Life

It's finals season at school, which means that I'm busier than ever. It also means that I'll have more free time than usual very soon, once my winter break starts. That being said, the release of the new Pokemon game might have more to do with my reduced productivity than anything else. I enjoyed it a lot, but I'm hoping to ease out of the vice grip of hyperfixation soon.

I've also been much more excited about website work, now that I have people to talk to about it. A lot of that stuff isn't as visually exciting as shiny illustrations, but it's still a creative avenue that I've been exploring.