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Rykelle has worked very hard to become a squire. He just didn't realize it would be like this.


All peoples have always received their magic from the gods. That is, until recently.

Small Blessings

This is a story about dandelions, devotion, necromancy, and the curse of being blessed.

Slice of Heaven

As a man of science, it is Ashton's goal to uncover the secrets surrounding his new angellic roommate.


Although the peoples have always lived in harmony, Eudesia is the first city that aims to be multicultural.


Caleb and Iman were never meant to be vampires. Calling themselves a coven of two, it's them against the world.

Holy Hunger

The Dragons of Light and Darkness are caught in eternal conflict. Equally so their clergy.

Hallowed Crossing

Ethan doesn't want to be the executor of his grandfather's will. Especially with how cryptic it is.


It seems like a big deal when the ghasts first appear. As it turns out, you handle them like any other pest.


As we all know, clowns used to be people. They just weren't cut out for a mundane life.


The planet Eden seems from a distance to be mankind's final hope. But of course, it's not so easy up close.


As it turns out, no one is ready to join the Heavenly Host.