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Knife Queer Art | Stories
Knife Queer Art | Stories
Here you can find Knife's written stories, featuring their original characters. All stories will eventually be displayed publicly, but Silver and Crystal members can see new tales two weeks before they go out publicly, along with other perks.
cold catharsis

It's not a bird. Maybe it's an angel, they think. Maybe they're finally going to die.
Omber is at the end of their rope when they go to the woods. When they need it more than ever, they find a second chance.
Content warnings: mental illness, body horror
This story is a complete one-shot with 1664 words.

"You already spend so much money on me though," Rory complains, and it is true. But he'll get his money's worth.
The angel Rory, a ray of sunshine given delicate human form, has been living with Ash for a couple months, now. But Ash is only human, and has no need of heavenly redemption. He has something else in mind.
Content warnings:
This story is a complete multi-chapter work with 3371 words.

Ash has cut people open before. Cadavers mostly, but lately they've been letting him run simple procedures on the living.
To the best of Ash's knowledge, no one has operated on an angel before. He is excited to be the first, and doubly so with the adorable Rory as his subject.
Content warnings: body horror, medical malpractice
This story is a complete one-shot with 1489 words.
the differences

"With Elle," Nica replies, and she's blushing a bit as she speaks. "From the art gallery." Leba didn't need the clarification. There was only one Elle.
A pair of twins living on the ocean floor know each other better than anyone. But following a sudden tragedy, everything changes, even them.
Content warnings:
This story is an incomplete multi-chapter work with 3453 words.

But as they bare their cotton flesh, they release a nostalgic scent. A scent of expensive cologne, of fresh soil, and of decay.
Nell didn't grow up the way most boys do, gaining shameful curves in the wrong places. Wondering what his mentor would think of him now, he finds that shame turns into something else.
Content warnings: sexual content
This story is a complete one-shot with 1496 words.
the tower's eye

"What a wretched wish," the Tower replies. They fold their hands in their lap and turn their shrouded head towards him.
Every wish comes with a price, and the price for this wish is steep indeed.
Content warnings: body horror, face trauma
This story is a complete one-shot with 859 words.
small blessings

He misses the Vulture King more than anyone. But he just doesn't have the knack for it. Maybe he never did.
The Vulture King was a powerful necromancer, and the army he was raising had the townsfolk terrified. Before he could put his schemes to action, he died of old age. Now, a single apprentice lives in what's left of his manse.
Content warnings:
This story is an incomplete multi-chapter work with 2751 words.
Striking Beauty

Ilian looks up, and faer reflective pink eyes catch Cyania's. A chill runs down aer spine.
The thief Cyania can smooth talk aer way out of anything. The model Ilian's attractive face lets faer get away with everything. Here, their paths cross.
Content warnings: violence
This story is a complete one-shot with 967 words.
Hands Linger

He's like this with everyone, always leaning in to talk to people. Rykelle wonders how they can stand it.
The trans squire Rykelle slowly comes to realize that his Knight's tutelage is too hands-on.
Content warnings:
This story is a complete multi-chapter work with 4144 words.
Melting Red

"You don't know them," Iman replies quietly. He measures each word like ingredients in a spell, careful not to misspeak. "You don't know what they're capable of."
Two young vampires crash a Halloween party and end up in over their heads.
Content warnings: noncon, hypnosis, mindbreak, gore, blood, humiliation, NTR, sexual content
This story is a complete one-shot with 3287 words.