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Unreality Agents | Stories
Unreality Agents: Stories
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One must always be efficient. After meticulous, this is Pine's favorite self-descriptor.
Pine has been plagued by shadow people eir whole life, but never before have they been so aggressive. Of course, there is nothing to be concerned about, since they're not real.
cold catharsis

It's not a bird. Maybe it's an angel, they think. Maybe they're finally going to die.
Omber is at the end of their rope when they go to the woods. When they need it more than ever, they find a second chance.
fated encounter

It's at this moment that Devon remembers the urban legend that his coworkers were discussing a couple weeks ago.
Devon has a horrifying encounter in the back alleys after work, and ends up seeing the light.
welcome home

The duffel of all his belongings looks extremely out of place in the extravagant condo.
Milo thought he needed to get out of his mother's house, but ended up jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.
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